Colonial Savings Accounts

Making your money grow with less risk.

Many Dollars to Save

A Savings Account lets you to save for the future, a rainy day, a chance to send your child to college or that new car. From automatic deposits to payroll deduction along with competitive interest rates, Colonial is a great place to save...safely.

Colonial Co-operative Bank is a secure community bank. The FDIC insures each Colonial depositor to at least $250,000—and the SIF insures all additional deposits. Learn more by clicking on each type of account below.

Statement Savings

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Colonial Statement Savings Accounts are the beginning of a great relationship with your local community bank.

check Statement Savings is FREE. No Monthly Service Charges!
check If you want to earn interest, just keep a minimum monthly balance of just $10 in your account.
check Direct Deposit.
check 24/7 Withdrawals via ATMs or Internet Banking with your Colonial Debit Card linked to a Colonial Checking account.
check Easy-to-understand Statements are mailed to you monthly.
check Electronic Statements available when you sign up for Checking and Colonial Internet Banking.

$10 to open account. $10 minimum balance. $10 to earn interest. Call or visit us for more information today. Click here for Terms & Conditions.

Passbook Savings

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It's traditional, popular and FEE-FREE — perfect for people just starting to save. Colonial Passbook Savings gives you competitive interest rates, as well as:

check Easy Deposits and Withdrawals with the convenience of something you can hold in your hand.
check Direct Deposit and Voice Master Phone Banking options.
check Deposits and withdrawals recorded in your Passbook.
check All it takes is $10 to open your Colonial Passbook Savings Account.
check Keep a low $10 balance in your account to earn interest.
check $10 minimum balance.

To get started, come see or call a Colonial team member in Gardner or Winchendon. Click here for Terms & Conditions.

Club Savings

Colonial Savings Piggy iconMake a goal. Colonial's Passbook Club will help. Our programs include "Vacation Club", "Christmas Club" and the popular "Colonial Kids Club".

Passbook Club Savings is Fee-Free. You save only what you can afford. There's never any pressure. Make your goals and meet them when you are able.

Don't worry! You can deposit funds either through automatic payroll deduction, automatic transfers or make deposits when it’s convenient for you throughout the year. $10 to open account. $10 minimum balance. $10 to earn interest. Click here for Terms & Conditions.

PIMA Statement Savings

Colonial Savings Piggy iconColonial's PIMA Preferred Interest Management Account will earn you a higher interest rate than a regular savings account, plus give you the liquidity without penalties and the flexibility of a checking account.*

check Watch your savings soar. PIMA offers you higher yields with easy access.
check PIMA is also Fee-Free. Statements are mailed to you monthly.
check Each account requires $2,500 to open and a balance of $2,500 to earn interest.

* You may write up to 6 checks per month made payable to 3rd parties or transfers. Open your PIMA now. Click here for Terms & Conditions.


Give us a call or visit Colonial.

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Toll-Free: 1 877-258-1193


We strongly urge all Colonial Internet Banking Customers to CHANGE YOUR PASSWORD and
DELETE ALL COOKIES IN YOUR WEB BROWSER. Your security and safety is our first priority. Click to read more here.

Lost or Stolen Card?
Please report it immediately to 1 800-528-2273.

Colonial Co-operative Bank will never ask you to verify your personal or account information via unsolicited email or telephone calls. When in doubt, don't share!

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